WE’VE ALL been there—the wedding you attend where you don’t even get the chance to speak to the bride and groom, only to end up hoping they glance at the guest book post-honeymoon as proof you made an appearance on the most important day of their lives.

As the day’s honorees, you’ll want to connect with your individual guests and ensure that everyone feels special, loved, and appreciated. The manner in which you reach your guests often depends on the size and formality of your wedding.

Once you and your husband have greeted and welcomed everyone, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the party. (Plus, you’ll love hearing how beautiful you look a hundred times.) So how do you do it?

5Cocktail Socialization

For weddings with fewer than 100 guests, greeting and thanking attendees is less stressful. It’s easier to connect on a personal level and offer more meaningful conversation.

As the ceremony concludes and you, along with your attendees, retire to take formal photos, your guests will likely head to the reception location for a cocktail hour or socialization time before the reception kicks off with your arrival. Brides with small weddings often use the cocktail hour after photos to greet guests, give hugs and kisses to extended family members, as well as spend a little time enjoying conversation with out-of-town friends before dinner begins.

Socializing during the cocktail hour is a great way to make guests feel welcome and appreciated; however, making sure you speak to each guest can often get chaotic. People will likely be flocking to you for pictures and questions about your wedding hashtag. To keep from getting cornered by Aunt Rose and her tales of her wedding day, have your maid of honor be responsible for chauffeuring you through guests and making sure you speak to everyone in a timely manner.



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